LE CENTO CITTA’ Vincenzo Costantino


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  1. (english?Still in english only,can I write.Hope not for long)
    Rispectable poet,
    Your voice is like ‘una carezza’(I think this adds to the effect the poem has on its reader-listener).
    My italian is deplorably poor but,if I have somehow understood your poem,its meaning is:when your life has stopped satisfying you,don’t you hesitate to change it and start wandering.Let your only ‘soul-luggage’ be the truly indispensable:the times when your soul had experienced emotions(let the stillness of daily boredom out of your soul-suitcase…or it might get far too heavy,I’d add).
    ‘Gira intorno al mondo non girare con lui’.Does this mean ‘don’t imitate what the others do but observe them?’
    ‘Per amare la vita bisogna tradire le aspettative’.Does this mean don’t do what you are expected-by your social surroundings- to do and don’t follow the ‘safe way’?
    ‘Guardati intorno e guardati da chi si professe libero’:Listen to your heart and be guided by those who are already free?
    ‘Il sapore della liberta e la paura’.I must say I don’t understand why is this.My only fear has always been not to experience boredom-but I have,for long.Maybe it means that it is not easy to follow the path of freedom(or,the ‘stairway to heaven’ as I’d call this path:what is life without freedom?It is death in a still breathing body,some unlucky,unsatisfied flesh).
    ‘Solo chi ha paura della liberta ha il coraggio di inseguirla’:if you don’t feel that you risk,then you won’t feel that you are liberated through the new path(s). you chose to follow.
    ‘Niente e piu grande delle piccole cose’:hmm!I think I’ve always known that.Of course I agree.The world is such a bore because of all sorts of ambitions.How I wish we started counting from 2(this greed,that some people have,to build-up a huge ego
    makes the world a sad,cold and rediculous place,I think).
    I don’t know if I have interpeted your poem well.I want so much to learn your language.I am persistent concerning the things that depend on me only.But,the best things,don’t depend only on one part.
    Friendly regards to you and your wife(if you want to surprise her with a recipe from Asia Minor,let me know.I’ll send it to you translated in english,at present).
    Keep on!We DO need bards!

    Lionfunnywild(Demetra A. Tasakou)

    P.S.The ‘trovati un amico’ has always been the hardest thing for me.I can’t easily get inspired,damned,I just can’t.

  2. When the greeks,after 400 years of slavery to the Turks,were encouraged to revolt(by educated men,at a large part,so far as I knowthe main slogan was:Freedom or death.Because living without being free,is equal,no,it’s worse than death(because the dead don’t feel anything).Was my previous posting too long to get published???
    Kind regards,Lionfunnywild.


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